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Acorn Necklace Woodland Pendant Ivory Bronze Brass Delicate Chain Acorn Earrings Woodland Forest Brass Bronze Ivory Dangle Gold Shamrock Necklace Green Leather Double Strand St. Patrick's Day Irish Four Leaf Clover
Four Leaf Clover Necklace Gold Shamrock Green Beaded Brass Chain Irish St. Patrick's Day Celtic Jewelry White Turquoise Bracelet Pyrite Gemstone Orange Blue Magnesite Bronze Brass Pink Quartz Earrings, Blush Dangle Earrings, Cherry Quartz Gemstone, Swarovski Crystal, Rose Bead, Brass, Earrings, Bronze Jewelry, Blush Wedding Jewelry, Pink, Bridesmaid Earrings, Rustic Wedding, Jewelry, Stoneray Studio
Blue Crystal Earrings, Beaded Earrings, Apatite Gemstone, Swarovski Crysal, Jewelry, Glass, Bronze Jewelry, Brass Earrings, Blue Dangle Earrings, Ocean Blue Wedding Jewelry, Bridesmaid Earrings, Stoneray Studio Rustic Pearl Earrings, Dangle Earrings, Swarovski Pearl, Bronze Earrings, Brass Jewelry, Country Bridesmaid Earrings, Rustic Wedding Jewelry, Stoneray Studio Peach Orange Earrings Pink Coral Ivory White Swarovski Pearl Brass Dangle 35th Anniversary